Module de Fourmilière Verticale Birth
Module de Fourmilière Verticale Birth
Module de Fourmilière Verticale Birth

Module de Fourmilière Verticale Birth

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Discover the future of ant observation and care with our revolutionary Vertical Birth Ant Module! Designed to provide a safe and comfortable home for solitary queens or small ant colonies, this innovative product is redefining the way we interact with these fascinating creatures.

Available in three stylish material options - matte white, matte gray, and 3D wood - our module is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing, seamlessly integrating into any environment.

With the exclusive HydroX humidity system, we guarantee an optimal environment for your ants, providing them with the necessary hydration for their well-being and development. In addition, the anti-vibration legs minimize stress, creating a calm and safe environment for your ants.

User comfort has also been a priority in our design. With the rotating gate, opening or closing the connection is now easier than ever, allowing you to interact with your ants comfortably and safely. And thanks to the included red lid, you can observe your ants without disturbing them, while the red lid clip prevents accidental falls, providing you with additional peace of mind.

Don't settle for traditional methods that can be unstable and unsafe. With our Vertical Birth Ant Module, you will enjoy a much more stable and secure option than conventional test tubes, ensuring the well-being of your precious pets.

Discover a new way to connect with the fascinating world of ants with the Vertical Birth Ant Module!

Please note that it is important not to stress queen ants and small colonies with too much exposure to light. We recommend checking on the queen no more than once every two weeks and only for a few seconds.

Dimensions N/A
Lid Transparent red methacrylate
Included connectors No
Minimum recommended workers No, queen can be introduced directly

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