Forrajeo Mk2 4:4 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 4:4 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 4:4 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 4:4 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 4:4 - Ant Dimension

Outworld MK2 4:4

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The Outworld MK2 4:4 is the largest and most complete model in our line of ant products. With a total of 16 connections, it's perfect for creating a complex and highly versatile foraging system.

Its double acrylic plate lid provides long-term durability and makes it comfortable and safe to use. You can also add a feeding lid to feed your ants without causing them any stress.

This outworld has a unique mounting system that doesn't use adhesives, allowing it to be completely disassembled for deep cleaning and a longer lifespan.

The Outworld MK2 4:4 also features an anthill for accessing conections to prevent substrate spills and give a natural look to their home. The two walls with ventilation slots allow for adequate air exchange, and its anti-vibration and anti-slip legs ensure stability on any surface.

The connections of the Outworld MK2 4:4 are equipped with rotating gates for easy module connection and disconnection. Additionally, its fixed top lid is perfect for placing escape-proof liquid, and its acrylic joints are designed with our rail system to ensure a high level of antifugue protection.

The Outworld MK2 4:4 is shipped disassembled, and assembly instructions are available via a QR code. With this product, you'll have everything you need to create a safe and healthy environment for your ants.

Dimensions: 37 x 37 x 11cm.

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