Forrajeo Mk2 4:3 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 4:3 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 4:3 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 4:3 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 4:3 - Ant Dimension

Outworld MK2 4:3

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Introducing the new Outworld MK2 4:3 for ants! This model is perfect for larger and more active colonies, with 14 connections where modules and outworlds can be connected to create a wide and varied exploration space. In addition, any byFormica liquid feeder can be placed to ensure your ants have access to fresh water and Sunburst at all times.

The double-plate acrylic lid ensures good resistance over a long period of time and comfortable use. As an optional accessory, a feeding lid can be added to facilitate feeding the colony without making them too nervous. And the unique outworld system allows for proper maintenance and cleaning, thanks to not using adhesives for assembly, allowing it to be completely disassembled to clean all its parts individually and precisely, thus prolonging its life.

To give a more natural look to the place where our little ants will forage, the Outworld MK2 4:3 includes an anthill to access the connection and prevent substrate from falling. In addition, it has two walls with ventilation slots for proper air exchange, anti-vibration and anti-slip feet to ensure stability, and rotating gates in the connections for easy module connection and disconnection.

The fixed upper lid allows for the placement of an escape-proof liquid, while the acrylic joints use our rail system to maintain a high level of escape-proofing. And for easy assembly, this product comes unassembled and the assembly instructions can be found in a QR code. If you're looking for a spacious and comfortable outworld for your ants, the Outworld MK2 4:3 is the perfect choice!

Dimensions: 37 x 30 x 11cm.

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