Forrajeo Mk2 3:1 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 3:1 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 3:1 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 3:1 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 3:1 - Ant Dimension

Outworld MK2 3:1

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The Outworld MK2 3:1 is the perfect place for your ants to explore and search for food. With 8 connections available to connect modules and other outworlds, you can create a personalized and expandable space for your colony. Additionally, you can place any byFormica liquid feeder inside.

The double plate acrylic lid makes this outworld durable and long-lasting, and for added convenience, you can add an optional feeding lid. The unique outworld system allows for precise cleaning and maintenance by not using adhesives for assembly, allowing for complete disassembly and cleaning of each individual part.

With an anthill to access the connections and prevent substrate from falling, as well as 2 walls with ventilation slots for proper air exchange, this outworld is safe and comfortable for your ants. The anti-vibration and anti-slip legs and rotating gates in the connections make it easy to move and connect with other modules and outworlds.

The fixed top lid allows for the placement of leak-proof liquids, and the acrylic joints have been designed using our rail system to maintain a high level of escape protection. Additionally, this product is shipped disassembled and assembly instructions can be found on a handy QR code. With the Outworld MK2 3:1, you can create a comfortable and safe home for your ants while giving them the freedom to explore and forage.

Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 11cm.

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