Forrajeo Mk2 2:2 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 2:2 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 2:2 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 2:2 - Ant Dimension
Forrajeo Mk2 2:2 - Ant Dimension

Outworld MK2 2:2

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The Outworld MK2 2:2 is the perfect addition to any ant colony. With 8 connections for modules and outworlds, you can expand and customize the space for your ants like never before. This outworld features a durable double acrylic sheet lid for comfortable and prolonged use, and the option to add a feeding lid for easy colony feeding without disturbing the ants.

The unique outworld system allows for proper maintenance and cleaning without the use of adhesives for assembly. You can easily disassemble it for thorough cleaning and to prolong its lifespan. It also includes an anthill access point that facilitates connection and prevents substrate from falling, providing a natural look to the place where your ants will forage.

The Outworld MK2 2:2 also includes 2 walls with ventilation slots for proper air exchange. Its anti-vibration and non-slip legs ensure stability, while the rotary gates in the connections allow for easy module connection and disconnection. The fixed top lid is perfect for placing escape-proof liquid, and the acrylic joints are designed using our rail system to maintain a high level of escape-proofing.

This product comes disassembled, but with the assembly instructions available through a QR code, you can easily put it together. Be sure to get the Outworld MK2 2:2 to provide your ants with a spacious, comfortable, and secure space to explore and forage.

Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 11cm.

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