Cable Térmico de Silicona | Ant Dimension
Cable Térmico de Silicona | Ant Dimension
Cable Térmico de Silicona | Ant Dimension

Silicone Heat Cable

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Single-core 230V silicone heating cable, which is characterized by an excellent price/performance ratio. The cable itself is relatively thick but heats up much better and makes it waterproof.

Excellent for creating temperature gradients and hot zones safely.

It can also be placed inside terrariums, but care must be taken to ensure that animals cannot reach the cable and use compatible substrates.

We recommend placing it in a zigzag pattern to obtain higher performance and safety. DO NOT PLACE TOO CLOSE TO THE MODULES, as these cables get very hot and could cause severe damage to ants and modules.

To obtain precise temperature control, it is essential to use a temperature controller/thermostat to maintain a suitable temperature for our pets.

Power Total lengthHeated length
15W 3,8m 2,3m
25W 4,8m 3,3m
50W 6,5m 5m
80W 6,5m 5m
100W 10m 8,5m

  • Waterproof.
  • Incoming cold duct of 1.5m (marked on the cable).

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