Base Magnética para Bebedero byFormica - Ant Dimension
Base Magnética para Bebedero byFormica - Ant Dimension

Magnetic Base for byFormica Liquid Feeder

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Keep your liquid feeders in place with the Magnetic Liquid Feeder Base! This innovative product features high-quality magnets that ensure your byFormica liquid feeders stay in place and don't move, which is perfect for moving outworlds without the risk of the liquid feeders falling and harming your ants.

This magnetic base is easy to use and compatible with any type of byFormica liquid feeder except Micro size. With its simple and practical design, you can be sure that your liquid feeders will stay in place at all times.

Remember that it is important not to expose the material to temperatures above 50ºC continuously, as this could irreparably damage its structure. Buy the Magnetic Liquid Feeder Base today and ensure the stability of your liquid feeders to keep your ants healthy and happy!

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